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Visits & Tours

Throughout the year we receive visitors from various organisations and establishments. A lot of visitors are from faith, inter-faith and educational institutions wishing to further their understanding of Islamic lifestyle and worship. The mosque mostly receives a high number of bookings from groups and individuals from in and around its primary region, the West Midlands. 

Masjid Usman is a member of Ladywood Interfaith Education Project. (LIEP) 

The Ladywood Interfaith Education Project (LIEP) is based in inner-city Birmingham. Initiated by St John & St Peter’s Parish Church, it is a partnership between four local places of faith since 1999, involving creative educational encounters for classes of school children.

Our aims are to:

  • Nurture understanding and celebration of different faiths and beliefs among school children.
  • Building on the partnerships of the communities of the four sacred spaces.
  • Create opportunities for children to explore something of their personal spirituality.
  • Enhance Religious Education syllabus of the schools involved.

School Visits

Please ensure to book your visit well in advance to avoid disappointment. To arrange a tour for your school or organisation, please email via enquiry@masjidusman.org.uk to check availability.

Please await a formal response from the Mosque before making formal arrangements for your visit.

We can cater for up to 45 pupils at a time. We do prefer smaller classes of 30 pupils.  

Below is a list of guidelines we advise visitors to the mosque to adhere to.

Guidance Notes for Visitors to Masjid Usman

Visiting the Mosque

The Mosque runs guided tours for schools and local organisations. Many previous visiting schools and organisations have found such visits very educational and helpful. The Mosque constantly strives to build, maintain and strengthen its relationship with the whole community by welcoming any individual, school or organisation that wishes to visit it.

School Visits

Preferred visit times are between 10.00am and 12.00pm, Special visits at other times can be arranged on request and are subject to availability. Accordingly, and depending on the circumstances of the visit, separate hosting arrangements may be made for larger parties or more formal visits.

Visits to the mosque will consist of all or some of the following depending on the nature of the visit:

Introduction to Islam or talk on a particular subject.
A guided tour of the mosque building accompanied by a faith guide.
Q&A and/or discussion session.
Observation of one of the daily or special prayer services (at prayer times only).
Interactive activities for school children.
Multi-media presentation about the Islamic faith.
Free literature on Islam may also be available for visitors.

All visitors are requested to:

Respect the peace and prayer of worshipers inside the mosque.
Keep food and drinks out of the mosque, except areas that have been designated as eating areas.
Avoid bringing any animals into the mosque.
Keep the mosque building and courtyard clean by disposing off litter properly and safely.
Abide by the general rules of the mosque as displayed around the building.
Avoid smoking in the building and on the mosque courtyard.

Visitors must remove footwear upon entering through the Main Entrance and place footwear on the shoe racks. Cleanliness is seen as an essential part of the worshiping experience for Muslims and as such the rugs and carpet must not be soiled. Shoes for use in the toilets are provided in the toilet area, usually slip-on plastic sandals.

Attire & Dress Code

All adult visitors and children are requested to wear conservative and modest clothing when visiting the mosque. For school children, most aspects of a standard school uniform are quite appropriate. It is desirable that females wear a head covering on the premises.


Masjid Usman is entirely funded by donations. To help to cover our costs we ask for a voluntary donation of £1 per pupil. Teachers & volunteers are free.  Thank you

Weekly Events

Talk in English every Friday at 12.30 pm – 1pm

Once a month in English for brothers & sisters Sat after Isha

Tafseer of Quran in Urdu every 2nd Wednesday after Isha (8pm)

for brothers every Friday 8pm for sisters every Monday at 10 am


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