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Guidelines at Al Qalam Academy

We accept children from the ages of 5-16 in accordance with good character and a willingness to learn. Our classes are structured according to age group. All new students are allocated a trial period of up to 3 months in which they are assessed. If the Madrasah feels they cannot cater for the needs of a particular student then their studies may be suspended. If your child has learning difficulties or requires additional support then please discuss your child’s circumstances with the headteacher before applying for admission.


Our Madrasah runs from Monday to Friday and consists of two sessions per day. The First session is from 4.30pm to 6.00pm and the second session is from 6.10pm to 7.40pm. It is important you carefully select the most appropriate session for you and your child as it is not possible to change sessions after admission (unless we have space in the desired class).

Punctuality is an essential requirement of the Madrasah. Lateness causes disruption and affects the education of the child as well as their class-mates.

Parents are requested to not disturb the class in any way during Madrasah times without an appointment. If you need to collect your child before home-time, or any matters of extreme urgency, please contact the office beforehand.

Please ensure you drop your children off on-time and pick them up no later than 5 minutes after home-time. The Madrasah will not accept responsibility for students left behind 5 minutes after home-time nor for students who arrive earlier than 5 minutes before their scheduled time.

If a student is sick, the Madrasah should be notified at the earliest opportunity. Any student wishing to take authorised leave outside of official holiday times are required to complete a ‘holiday form’ which can be obtained from the office. Holiday dates for 2019/2020 have been fixed so please ensure all trips are booked accordingly. Allowances cannot be made for students who attend clubs, tuition or any other activities during Madrasah hours. .


All children are required to be fully toilet-trained. Children should use the bathroom and perform wudhu at home before coming to Madrasah. This will reduce disruption and increase the efficiency of their time in the class.


Boys dress code: kurta/jubba & hat of any colour.

Girls dress code: abaya & hijab.

Both boys and girls must wear under-trousers (shalwar). Shorts and open Abayas are not allowed. If for any reason you cannot send your child to madrasah with the correct uniform, you must send a signed and dated note of explanation. All pupils are expected to attend in clean attire.

Our aim is to raise awareness and promote a hairstyle that is modest and according to the Sunnah. Partially shaved heads, tram-lines and other patterns will not be accepted and may result in suspension from the Madrasah. Mobile phones or any type of jewellery are prohibited in the Madrasah.


All children should respect the Masjid and its environment and be well mannered at all times. The madrasah has a zero-tolerance policy on all aspects of bullying/harassment. Any instances where this occurs may result in suspension or expulsion.

If the occasion arises that a student requires discipline then staff may:

· Give a verbal warning.

· Give detention of 5-10min without prior notice.

· Make the student work in isolation.

· After Madrasah detention for up to 60 minutes (with an arrangement of the parent/guardian).

· Put the student on the report.

· Contact the parent to discuss the issue.

· Suspend or permanently expel the student.

If need be, parents/guardians may be called to the Madrasah to discuss the student’s progress, behavior or any other problems. Damage-costs caused by children (e.g. breakage of a window, damage to desks etc) are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.


There is a one-off admission fee of £30 for all new admissions payable when your child starts. There is then a yearly fee of £420 for the academic year which is payable in full or three termly instalments of £140. There is also the option to pay in eleven monthly instalments of £40 which must be paid at the beginning of each month. Payments not made by the 15th of the month may lead to suspension until they are paid. Parents facing difficulties regarding payments should contact the Head Teacher to discuss how this issue may be resolved.


Parents must not park their car in front of the Madrasah on the double yellow lines or block the bus stop as it is illegal, dangerous and causes traffic. Parking spaces are available opposite the Madrasah on the main road and in the car park opposite Samra Supermarket. The Madrasah will not be able to facilitate for children whose parents park their car illegally at drop-off or home-times.

Weekly Events

Talk in English every Friday at 12.30 pm – 1pm

Once a month in English for brothers & sisters Sat after Isha

Tafseer of Quran in Urdu every 2nd Wednesday after Isha (8pm)

for brothers every Friday 8pm for sisters every Monday at 10 am


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